Robin Hood - Practice Round

Golf Mick. Got round in 2hrs 18mins Mick in a buggy.

Before thoughts
Think about the right shot off the tee.
Line up straight every time. Grip and Path to dictate shot shape.
Chipping landing zones shorter than you think. Tempo to that place. Brush the floor with bounce.

After Thoughts
Aim is a game changer on tees and into greens.
Sticking to a basic plan.
Aim straight - Path decides set off and grip shot shape in air.

Take Aways
Hit some nice shots - just need to be careful not to always shape it. Sometimes straight is fine too.
Pitching/Chipping almost there. Play around with weaker bottom hand on pitches to see what happens.

Really solid round. 4/5 bad holes. Pitching blew up. Poor drive on Par 5 not trusting shape I wanted to hit.
Really interesting though. Looking forward to continued learning.

P.S. Mick hit some great shots after I told him about my lesson too.